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Here's a bit more about us

Starting from childhood, women are told they are cute, not clever. Pretty, but not powerful. Sexy, but not smart. We have been conditioned to think that how we appear on the outside matters more than what we know and believe on the inside. But what if there was a fashion line that allowed women to show off their smarts, without compromising their style? 

ATOMIC by design was made for the captain of science olympiad, the aspiring physician volunteering at the hospital, and the homecoming queen who binge watches Cosmos on the weekends. They’re classy enough to wear to work and school, yet comfortable enough to lounge around all day in.

When a woman goes out in one of our pieces, she can’t wait to hear the question “what are you wearing?” Because it means she’s about to drop some knowledge. You don’t have to be a scientist to wear ATOMIC by design. You just need to have a sense of curiosity and wonder, and a willingness to ask questions and search for answers. Atoms might be small, but they hold within them some of the mightiest forces in existence.