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Mercury is the risk-taker. Wide-eyed and filled with smiles. She seeks out the next adventure with a youthful, if not naïve, outlook on life. A bit volatile and impulsive, she’ll dive right in without considering all the consequences of her actions.

Current uses of elemental mercury:

  • Preservative in mascara
  • Treatment of dental decays with amalgam fillings, composed a powdered alloy of silver,
  • tin, and cooper that is bound together by liquid mercury.
  • “Anti-aging” and “skin lightening” skin creams (usually manufactured abroad)
  • Explosives and compact fluorescent light bulbs


Beryllium, captivated by the vastness and mystery of the universe , is an explorer of uncharted landscapes. Taking the path less traveled empowers her as discovering the next innovation could be at the next turn.

It is used as a structural component in the aerospace sector due to its stiffness (six times that of steel), lightweight (one-third that of aluminum), and
dimensional stability over a wide temperature range



Carbon is the social butterfly; she connects easily with a diversity of people and establishes herself as a core member of initiatives she cares deeply about.

Present in all known organic compounds and carbon is a component of the phosphate
backbone of DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the genetic material that directs the development
of all living things



Zirconium is the shy one who is continuously lost in her own thoughts. She is not easily understood and getting to know her will take time. Zirconium shrinks when confronted with unfamiliar situations and tries to absorb as much information as possible before taking action.

Zirconium silicate used as an opacifier, conferring a white-colored and opaque appearance to ceramic materials. Zirconium tungstate shrinks in all dimensions when heated (negative thermal expansion). Function as sorbent material in hemodialysis [Clinical Trials NCT02280005]


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