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We take the scientific rigor, development of learning objectives, safety and respectfulness of our community very seriously. We have a board of parents, educators, scientists and technologists who act as a steering committee for ATOMIC Squad's development. They provide feedback on the content and programming, vet it for accuracy and test it for usability. Get to know them below.


Elizabeth Waters 

Elizabeth is a mother, neuroscientist and educator living in New York City but still feeling like a girl from Wisconsin in her heart. Whether it's a total eclipse or a chocolate blackout cookie, she loves to explore science in its natural habitat.


Marivel Morillo

Marivel has recruited candidates in the sciences for the Rockefeller University for almost twenty years and has selected gastronomical candidates in lunchboxes for three young, picky eaters for almost thirteen years. Recently relocated from Northern New Jersey to Southern California, she misses walking on freshly-fallen leaves and wearing sweaters for more than just aesthetics.

Sophie Shrand SWS Headshot.jpg

Sophie Shrand

Sophie develops educational programming at the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago, teaching 24,000 students per year. She is also the creator and host of Science With Sophie, a science comedy series for girls and everyone. Subscribe to the YouTube channel today!


Danielle Gustafson

Danielle Gustafson is a visual artist turned digital strategy executive in financial services. She launched the New York Stock Exchange's first website before expanding her scope to start-ups, not-for-profits and banking. She has conducted field work with bats in French Guiana and New York City and leads a series of bat-related programs for the American Museum of Natural History. 


Maribeth Romslo

Maribeth Romslo is a Minneapolis filmmaker and mom to two curious kids. She has a deeply rooted curiosity about science, especially in how technology and stories connects us as humans. Her new project Spark, is a series of short films that aim to inspire girls in STEM.


Adel Hinawi

Adel’s 20-year carrier path in applied since jobs demonstrated his passion for physics and its direct ties to people’s advancement. From construction management to sound recording to acoustic design, a lack of female presence was a constant.  Adel brings a unique perspective to the lens of girls empowerment, both culturally, and as a science-inclined father of a teenage girl.  


Liz Heinecke

After working in academic molecular biology research labs for ten years and getting a master’s degree in bacteriology, Liz started doing science with her three kids, journaling their experiments and adventures on The author of Kitchen Science Lab for Kids and Outdoor Science Lab for Kids, Liz regularly demonstrates science experiments on television and online.


Jessica Chen

Jessica is a postdoctoral fellow in data science at Stanford University, with degrees in biology from Barnard College (undergraduate) and Harvard University (graduate). She is regularly looking for creative platforms to advocate for public engagement with science and to pay-it-forward for the opportunities and support she received throughout her career.


Zubaida Bai

Zubaida Bai is widely regarded as an expert and leader at the intersection of women’s health, business and appropriate product engineering for the developing world. Zubaida’s work at the “base of the pyramid” demonstrates her passion for empowering underserved women with simple, affordable solutions.


Sarah Hinawi

Sarah Silbert Hinawi, EdM is an educator and thought leader on education and workforce development for the gig economy and the future of work. She’s been instrumental in the development and growth of many student-centered endeavors and is thrilled to be contributing to Atomic by Design.